Here's How Traveling Solo Taught Me to Trust Again

In this world when even your closest friend can turn out to be someone you don’t know at all, your partner for many years can be hiding secrets from you, or when you could lose your life or belongings in an instant, it is very hard to trust. I’ve long had issues in this area. I have a rather very fragile idea of trust: I will only give it once, but when it is broken, there’s no way in hell I am granting my trust again.

Dine in Style While Watching your Favorite Sports Game At #ChampionsCavite

Whenever there is a Pacquiao fight, I remember seeing cafes and restaurants marketing special deals for people who would like to watch the match via live streaming. These deals are usually priced at Php500 and above, inclusive of the viewing and a meal. But what if there is a bar and restaurant that actually live streams ALL sports events, local and international, without the hefty price tag? Somewhere where you can cheer for your favorite team while eating a whole slab of Striploin, perhaps?

3 Stories of Family Love Bridge the Young and Old | Grateful and Spry

Hospitals are some of the busiest places on the planet. Every second is important: One missed drug dosage can hurt a patient’s prognosis. One delayed chest compression can cost a patient’s life. As a nurse, I had learned to embrace all the chaos and keep my focus so that I carry out my duties. In my rounds, I noticed that of the patients brought in daily, a large majority were elderly people. They came for different complaints: altered consciousness, uncontrolled blood sugar levels, loss of ur

Top 8 things I hate about being a nurse

The article lists the things I hate as a nurse. It is pure personal opinion and has no intention whatsoever to disgrace the profession or put people in shame. Wondering why I chose eight? Each entry represents the standard eight hours nurses like me spend in one shift. Standard, eh? I frankly used the number because I need one; otherwise if I add up all the extended hours, this list could go on forever. So I hate being a nurse because... EIGHT - Nurses wear all white and we have to we

FIRSTS: My quarter-life crisis

May 11, 2014 - I was invited to the 18th birthday celebration of my former choirmate who happens to be taking up Music Production at De La Salle University – St. Benilde. Contrary to an all debutante-focused night I was expecting, the party turned out to be a mini concert showcasing the gift most people in that ball share: music. - See more at:


Five days a week, for eight hours, I tend to people sick in bed. As much as possible I try to make my care individualized, and I do this by knowing each patient’s history, befriending their watchers, memorizing what time of the day their blood pressure shoots up, and mastering how they want their medication administered, among many others. There are patients to whom I love giving bedside care, partly because they acknowledge the work I am doing for them; there are others whom I dread. Some patients also take notice of my existence as a person and not just as their nurse: They ask about my day, my plans, etc. The hardest patients to attend to are those who cannot speak my language. In fact, I very much prefer comatose patients than others who can produce sounds but in a totally different language or dialect. Sometimes I wish I were a polyglot. Seriously.